We understand you’re on a busy schedule, with clients flying in and out of your salon. Express Heating reduces preparation time, so you don’t leave clients waiting in the departure lounge. Get your frequent flyers waxxxed and on their way!

Waxxxpress 400g & 800g waxes are equipped with Express Heating Technology, so you can heat waxxx in the Microwave with an ETH (Estimated Time of Heating) less than 2 minutes, ready for your clients’ arrival.

We’d like to direct your attention to the television monitors where we will be showing our Pre-flight Express Heating Demonstration.

Waxxxpress waxxxes are in jars made of specially designed plastic that DOES NOT MELT IN WAXXXPRESS HEATERS which means you can put your waxxx directly into your heater insert! Simply Microwave, Insert into Heater & Start Waxing! Pretty cool huh?


To melt/soften the wax either:

Remove the lid from jar and insert into an appropriate professional wax heater OR;
Remove lid from jar and place off centre in microwave for a minimum of 1 minute, but no longer than 2 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave and the amount of wax remaining in the jar. Once the wax has softened, place jar into wax heater and regulate to a setting of 65°C–75°C (149°F–167°F).

Caution: This is a professional product for salon use only. Please test before use. If skin irritation occurs, cease use.

Warning: Exceeding recommended heating instructions may cause burns and/or injury. Please be aware that heating temperatures vary between appliances.

Important: Do not heat over 140°C / 284°F

Please read instruction on packaging carefully before use & it will be a smooth ride! If you have any more questions about Waxxxpress Express Heating, please email our waxxxattendants at [email protected]