A waxing experience always makes you feel fresher lighter & brighter especially when it’s performed by a confident therapist or esthetician using the correct technique. Here are my 10 top tips on how to have a better Salon this summer waxing season!


1 – The set up

When it comes to your trolley, less is more! Waxing should be a quick and precise process. Wax dries atmospherically, this means you need to work quickly. Make sure your waxes are placed towards the front of your trolley; with all your pre and post products placed behind, or when possible hanging from the side. This allows fast and easy access to your waxes and if you happen to drip wax in the process you are not dripping it all over your other products and tools! This will save you plenty of time when it comes to clean up. Hanging all your ancillary bottles off the side of the trolley will not only making room for your wax pots, but it is also a great way to have quick and easy access to each product. Trigger sprays are a lot easier to work with. There is no need for cotton pads/tissues, you simply spray the intended area and rub in prior to or post the waxing treatment.

2 – Let there be light

Good lighting is extremely important, not just good lighting in the room but extra lighting to make sure you get all those sneaky little hairs! Trolleys with a magi lamp attached are great or even Magnifying glasses that have a light attached (like the eyelash technicians use) are also a perfect tool that won’t get in the way while you are doing the treatment. Simply shine the light over the area after you have finished waxing to check if any hairs have been missed. Make sure your trolley has wheels especially if you have one with a light, this way it can be moved easily around the room and accessible at all times. You would be amazed at the difference a good trolley with all the right features will make!

3 – Make your bed

If the room you are working in is purely for waxing – which is advisable, as this can be a sticky service, it is important waxing table is set up correctly! This is usually the first thing a customer will look at and it is important they feel like they are in a professional and clean environment. The best set up (which requires the least laundry and clean up!) is; the waxing table, covered by a large towel to provide comfort, then covered in industrial plastic, like a transparent table cloth. This way, the bed still looks comfortable and luxurious with the soft white towel; however the plastic cover saves the towels from getting stained by wax, and saves you from changing the towel after each client. If you do happen to drop wax, you simply pick up your citrus solvent and wipe the wax off using a wax strip. If you are looking for an alternative set up, bed roll is okay too, but can also be a bit difficult if the client rolls over and the bed roll goes with them! Perhaps, when performing facial treatments, put a fresh perforated piece of bedroll under the client’s head to protect the pillow. When performing a Brazilian or bikini treatment, place the perforated paper under the body, but not so it is covering the entire bed.

4 – Waxing efficiently

Using an inferior product or the wrong products will make the Christmas period a nightmare! I can’t stress this point enough. It is human nature to want to save a few dollars here and there; we are all guilty of looking for low prices. However, when it comes to waxing the saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more true! If your wooden spatulas are splitting, or your wax is going brittle and you’re leaving half of it behind on your customer’s bikini line – have you really saved anything? If anything you have probably lost a customer as well as a handful of people they know. Having high quality products is important; you also need to make sure you are not cutting corners when it comes to buying everything you need. I have experienced waxers who in the warmer weather stand beside their clients and wave their hands over the hard wax until it sets. I have three words for you, Quick Dry Mist. This product will be your new best friend especially during summer. You simply spray the mist over the wax and it sets instantly. Having the best products will ensure you and your clients walk out happy and you get the results desired without irritations, redness or an embarrassing waxing story!

5 – Toot your own horn

Tell your clients why you are the best. It’s often hard to talk about your own business, and what makes you so great. Generally, we don’t want to be seen as “tooting our own horn” but talking about your products that make you the best is a completely different thing! Tell your customers what products you use and why you use them. Tell them why you picked that brand and what benefits they are getting buy choosing your service over another salon. This lets your customers know that you are open about what you are using, and that you have 100% faith in the quality of your products. Doing this, will go a long way in making sure your clients keep coming back. You don’t want them thinking they can get the exact same treatment anywhere else – because they can’t.

6 – Keep it Clean

Cut your cleaning time by working smarter not harder. Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard unless you make it hard. As I touched on earlier, it is the little things that make life easier for you in the long run; like the way you set up your trolley or the precautions you take with setting up your bed (see points 1 & 2). In addition to these, chose a cleaning product that works. I use a concentrated citrus cleaning product, which requires no elbow grease. You simply spray it on the wax which breaks down instantly making it easy to just wipe off! I always try to do a quick clean up in-between customers rather than staying behind after a long shift to clean when you have Christmas shopping to do! I always ensure my waxing rooms look magnificent and more importantly hygienic. The bin is to be placed out of client sight and the wax pot is to be shining and clean after each client, before the next client arrives. Cheap pots can be impossible to clean. Make sure you have a pot that is efficient, with interchangeable skirts for both hard and strip wax. I recommended having a pot where the wax jars are placed directly into the metal insert, this way there is no pouring of wax, and you’ll never have to clean another heater insert again. You simply heat it up in the microwave and place it into the pot. There’s no mess, no fuss!

7 – Cross selling

Having your legs waxed? What about we make those feet look beautiful to go with it? Just because someone has come in specifically for a wax doesn’t mean they would be against having their nails done – I definitely wouldn’t! If the client has booked in for over half an hour of waxing and you have a spare therapist, upsell a mani or a pedi that can be done from the waxing bed. This way the client is not sparing any extra time and you have just made another sale. Add an extra discount to multiple services i.e. if they have only booked for one area to be waxed, offer a further 15% off if they need another area done, this way the client feels like they are getting a great deal rather than just a regular special. Don’t forget to also upsell your treatment products. Retail an ingrown hair treatment range and try adding a product to the sale at the end of every treatment.

8 – Making time

The summer season and leading up to Christmas is a hectic time for everyone! People are preparing for holidays and events and there’s always extra skin on show! Put the passion back into waxing, make your customers feel like they are valued. Don’t be afraid to spend that little bit of extra time talking to them and offering suggestions on how to prepared for summer. Make sure your salon trading hours are tailored to meet everyone’s needs. This way you accommodate your customers’ as well as having the opportunity for your business to make more money. Extend your hours between Christmas and New Year. It is very common for retail to have a slump in the first two weeks of January. For this reason, encourage customers to come back during the quiet period by offering them a rebooking discount for January.

9 – Silent Selling

Promotional material is an important selling tool. You would be surprised at what manufactures’ and distributors can provide for you if you just ask! Promo material is made for the soul purpose of communicating information about a product or service in a quick and effective way. In a busy salon environment you don’t always have the time to tell each and every customer about a great new product, or what deals you have on each week. Utilise your manufactures; ask them for posters, brochures, online banners, t-shirts, product samples, window decals. Anything that is going to potentially do the selling for you is important – especially during the busy times of year.

10 – Christmas – we meet again

Christmas comes around in what seems like a blink of an eye. Gear up your staff, they’re likely to be working harder and longer so make sure they know they’re appreciated and having fun with the festive time of year. As much as this season is chaos in the salon industry it is also the best time of year to pick up some extra sales! Don’t forget to stock up on extra products to have around the salon. Having a gift packs available is quick and easy money. Make sure you keep these close to the counter and prompt your customers “Have you finished all your Christmas shopping, would you like to purchase a Christmas gift pack?” You would be surprised how effective this is. People often don’t think to do their Christmas shopping at their beauty salon so don’t forget to remind them that they can!

Lilliane Caron is Owner & Director of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Lilliane Caron for some advice on your own salon,email [email protected]

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The age old hair removal battle!

By Lilliane Caron


Wish you had a dollar for every time a client who came in for a pedicure and said, ‘sorry about the hairy legs I forgot to shave!’? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can! If that comment isn’t an invitation for an open discussion about waxing I don’t know what is! Let’s get started by listing the usual pros and cons of waxing vs. shaving…

Client Pros of waxing
• No more shaving rash / razor burn
• No itchy regrowth
• No more cuts
• Longer between treatments – 2 days vs 3-4 weeks
• No pain, no gain. A little bit of discomfort for the freedom of the razor every second day

Client Cons of waxing
• Cost
• Pain
• Ingrown hairs
• Having to let it grow out in between treatments as it removes the hair from the root
• Need to book in an appointment

As a therapist or esthetician it’s our job to not only pamper and treat our clients but to also provide solutions to their needs. Keeping the salon business afloat means going that extra mile to provide exceptional service and up-sell treatments to clients where possible. With increased competition, we need to find new and inventive ways to keep our clients coming back. Something that’s not only their 3 monthly facial or 4 week mani and pedi combo, but a regular treatment that is minimal in cost to provide but has a high return.

Our most loyal clients can quite often be time poor but not money poor, so never assume they won’t be interested in what you have to offer.

How many clients do you see on a regular basis that say during their pedi “don’t mind my legs, I haven’t shaved today” this opens up the line of communication to explain to your client the benefits of a waxing service over regular shaving.

Generally, most people’s hesitation comes down to a fear of the unknown. If you have a nervous client that’s never waxed perhaps offer after the current treatment a “sample” wax of a small, discrete patch of hair so they can experience it and judge for themselves. Explaining what you use and how it works in a waxing treatment to a newbie can make the experience far more pleasant and relaxed!

Once you get the client over the fear of the pain, they rarely go back to shaving. Always check with the client if they have had a bad experience with waxing in the past. This can scare some clients off for life, so take the opportunity to talk them around as a bad experience usually comes down to technique and/or the wax used. The good thing is, if you’re a confident waxer and using a good quality wax, you should be able to overcome their issues with waxing very easily.

A more experienced waxing client might lead you to a great discussion like “What about a Brazilian?” or “Have you ever tried your underarms, the results are amazing!” With a Brazilian being one of the most profitable treatments on the menu, it’s certainly worth planting the seed. Plus, if you have the correct stance, flow and technique, there should be minimal physical output! The easiest way I find to up-sell a Brazilian wax to a shaving client is to explain that there are certain areas that can’t be shaved and that a Brazilian wax will get all of the hair out of. The actual definition of a Brazilian or XXX wax can vary salon to salon or even therapists and estheticians within the same salons so explaining this to your client is crucial. There is always going to be a little bit more discomfort involved in ripping hairs out from the root rather than cutting them at the surface, however having a smooth and confident Brazilian down under for longer is always going to be a better end result for the client!

With general body waxing, quite often the reason they haven’t even tried waxing is due to the cost. Razors and hair removal creams can be cheaper; however the results are much less impressive. More often than not the client just needs to see and feel the difference and they may then sacrifice something else so that they can afford their monthly wax, particularly those clients with course dark hair. Some clients may believe that waxing causes more ingrown hairs than shaving. The reality is skilled waxers quite often notice less ingrown hairs on regular clients as the hair growth can often decline.

If hairs are removed correctly, against the hair growth and without snapping, over time the client will notice a slower and finer rate of hair growth. This is caused by weakening of the hair follicle which in turn breaks down the papilla and the hairs will be lessened, something that is never a result of shaving!

All in all, the results clients feel and see from waxing speaks for itself and this is why the service will continue to thrive. The way to build upon it is to educate and open our shaving client’s eyes as to what they are missing out on!

Lilliane Caron is Owner & Director of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Lilliane Caron for some advice on your own salon,email [email protected]

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I’m sure most people are familiar with the motto “a boy scout is always prepared.” Well, my version is “an therapist/esthetician is always prepared.” This means every morning when you walk through your salon doors, you are ready for a busy day. No matter what the circumstances, even if your appointment book is completely empty, you need to believe you are going to have a full waxing day and prepare yourself accordingly.

Make sure you keep your wax pots turned on throughout the day. This may seem unnecessary to some, especially when there are no clients booked in, but too often do I see salons with their pots turned off and it means they completely miss the opportunity of servicing walk-in clients, or they lose precious time waiting for the wax to heat up. Clients tend to squeeze their appointments in around their busy schedules. It’s rare to get bookings from clients who don’t mind what day or time their appointment is so it’s important they can be in and out as quickly as possible. If your wax isn’t warm and ready to go not only do you waste their time, but your own also.

To ensure you’re always ready to wax, I suggest you get yourself a timer. You can get a timer from any good hardware store and they are reasonably cheap. They are the simplest way to ensure your wax pots automatically turn themselves on and save you at least 30 mins every morning. And you will never have to remember to turn your pots off at the end of the day. Your clients will walk into a beautifully scented salon from the minute you’re open; ready to perform any treatment, expected or not.

It is also really important to make sure you top up your wax pot after every client, either by pouring more in or adding a hard wax Melt. Topping up your wax pot makes it easier to maintain ideal working temperature. If it’s half empty, the wax will be uncomfortably hot. Microwavable hard and strip waxes can also save lots of time, and make topping up your wax pot very convenient.

It is also important to make sure you stay on top of ordering your stock. Don’t leave it to the last minute. Making sure you have reserve is extremely important; you should always aim to have at least 1 spare wax in every room. For example if you have 5 treatment rooms you should have a minimum of 5 waxes on hand at all time. It doesn’t matter how quickly your stock arrives, if you find yourself down to 1 pot of wax and you all of a sudden get a rush, well there’s very little you can do about it!

Lilliane Caron is Owner & Director of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Lilliane Caron for some advice on your own salon, email [email protected]



Unlike many wholesalers, we have no minimum order quantities. We do however have a discount structure to incentivise larger orders. We offer ALL customers the option to save with their orders. It’s not just the big guys who benefit with savings at Waxxxpress!

Our Bulk Quantity Discounts apply to all products on our website including waxes, strips, pre & post, massage oil, retail products… everything!

It’s our way of making our top quality products even more affordable for salons!

The more you buy, the more you save!


The new discount structure is effective on our website as of 1st September 2017.

The ordering process is exactly the same, our nifty site will work out the discount that applies with each order and this will show in your shopping cart.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

See you soon!


Pregnancy is a very exciting time for any mother to be, but it can also be riddled with worries about what’s safe for them and their unborn baby. It is not uncommon for expectant mothers to become over protective and cautious of their bodies; what they put in it, what they put on it, and what they expose it to. While there are many things that should be avoided during pregnancy there are also a few myths thrown in the mix! One being; ‘Waxing is not safe while pregnant.’ Several arguments exist as to whether waxing during pregnancy is safe or not, I am here to tell you it is completely safe!


While there are some products or activities to be careful of while pregnant; waxing is not one of them. Some believe that the ingredients from the wax used in a treatment can be dangerous, but the fact is, the wax is not absorbed into the body and therefore cannot affect an unborn baby.

While waxing is completely safe for both the baby and the mother during pregnancy, there are still a few things woman should be mindful of. During pregnancy there are hormonal changes in the body. Hair can grow thicker, darker and in places it’s never been before. There is increased blood flow, especially in the pubic area which can make the skin feel more sensitive and susceptible to pain, for this reason women may find waxing more painful than it previously was. They also may find that their skin is more likely to get itchy and irritated. In these instances therapists/ estheticians should opt for a premium quality synthetic wax. These waxes are designed to be gentle on the skin and cause less redness and irritation. Generally I advise to never change waxes however if you are not already using a gentle wax in your day to day treatments you really need to make sure you have one on hand when waxing a pregnant client. For Brazilians and small areas it may even be a good idea to stick to using a hard wax only. Hard wax is far gentler on the skin and can be less painful for the client than strip wax. No matter which wax you choose, make sure you always do a test patch first so that you can check for reactions and your client can gauge the pain level. Even if you are treating a regular client, pregnancy can affect the body in mysterious ways, so it’s always best to do a quick test.

Some therapists/ estheticians won’t perform a waxing treatment on anyone in their first trimester and the reason for this is that they have not been trained and do not feel confident, it’s not because it is actually harmful to get waxed within that time frame. I believe this is unnecessary, not only are you sending out a negative association between waxing and pregnancy, but you are also costing yourself many potential clients. It is not uncommon for women to be completely unaware they are even pregnant for 6-8 weeks and carry on living life completely normal!

Some salons are realising the value of pregnant clients to their business and opening boutique salons targeting solely pregnant mums. This is an untouched market with a lot of potential. It’s not only beauty salons that are capitalising on expectant mums either – there’s businesses dedicated to pregnancy yoga, pregnancy massage, pregnancy swimming and aerobics.
As a therapist, the most difficult time to perform a waxing treatment on a pregnant client is when they are close to their due date. Many women will book treatments right before they are due, particularly Brazilians. Not only does being completely hair free down there make them feel clean and comfortable, but it also helps when it comes to post care and recovery.

For heavily pregnant women, trying to conduct at home waxing treatments on their legs or bikini region becomes near impossible! Because Brazilians in particular are very popular in the weeks leading up to birth, therapists need to know how to handle heavily pregnant women. There are particular techniques and positions that need to be used. For example heavily pregnant women cannot lay flat on their back, they need extra support and you need to be able to manoeuvre them properly and as comfortably as possible. Waxing pregnant clients is not something you can bluff your way through, nor should you try. If you are not confident with waxing pregnant clients, look at getting some extra training, trust me, the investment will pay for itself after just a few clients. Half of being a good therapist/ estheticians is educating your clients. Make sure you open the lines of communication and assure them it is completely safe to continue their regular waxing routine while pregnant. Most pregnant women ooze a beautiful healthy pregnancy glow, so why shouldn’t they have beautiful smooth, hair free skin too?

Lilliane Caron is the Owner & Director of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Lilliane for some advice on your own salon, email [email protected]

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We are SUPER excited to announce the arrival of our newest Waxxxpress product – SUPER STRIP! They have just landed and have caused a huge commotion as they are KICKING SOME WAXXX STRIP BUTT!

Being the hero of all strips it is extremely versatile and suitable for use on all parts of the body and face. Made from gentle and natural fibre these strips are soft and reliable yet still guarantee strength and reliability. Being SUPER absorbent they are great value for $$$ and will help you to get through your waxxxing treatments faster than a speeding bullet!

With 90% absorption, waxxx will not seep through so you won’t end up in a sticky situation!

Available in 100pk and 50m Roll.


Retail products have a much higher profit margin than most salon services. They have the ability to increase your bottom line dramatically, which makes them a very important part of your business.

Up selling retail products at the end of a treatment can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re not stocking the right products, or products you are familiar with. You need to make sure you select products that are most relevant to your services and your client’s needs.


When it comes to choosing which products to retail there are a few things you should consider:

1. Does it work?

Now this might sound fairly obvious but generally in the beauty industry, people want products are going to help fix an issue i.e.; Ingrown hairs, dry skin, skin irritation etc. Make sure you stock products that actually do what they say they do! You only really get one shot to prove to you client that you have their best interest at heart, selling them a product that doesn’t work will hinder your chances of ever upselling them a product again.

2. Price point

Understandably price plays a huge factor in whether or not a product will sell successfully. You are much more likely to up-sell a $20 product rather than a $90 product, especially when the client is already handing over money for a treatment. The key is to make sure you stock products that are affordable to your client, yet still offer a reasonable profit margin for you.

3. Education & Training

Look for companies that actually provide their stockists with education and training. Some companies will offer this on their website through an online portal or via a company rep that will come and do product knowledge with you and your team. You can’t sell something you don’t know about, so making sure your team are educated about the products you are trying to sell is extremely important.

4. Marketing Support

When it comes to retail, any little bit of marketing can help. Stocking a brand that will provide you with free marketing support such as posters, brochures, t-shirts, window decals, shelf wobblers or even samples can be extremely beneficial. Having content your clients can read while waiting for their appointment is a great way to ‘plant the seed’ and encourage your clients to consider their own needs. It may even prompt them to ask you about a particular product instead of you having to ask them!

5. Values

Whether your products are vegan friendly, Australian made or not been tested on animals can be huge deciding factors for many consumers. Do your research! Choose products that are manufactured locally by Choose Cruelty Free Accredited companies. This can be your go-to selling point or a great way to spark conversation about why you like the brand and their products.

6. Comprehensive offering

Often it is easier to sell items when there are several products in the range. It shows that you have a solution for various clients. For example, you could sell a body scrub with a moisturiser or an exfoliating mitt with an ingrown product.

7. Reputation and quality of the brand

Stocking brands that have a good reputation can definitely increase your chances of making a sale. These days, consumers are paying more attention to what they are putting on their body. Many people read ingredient listings and have a wealth of knowledge about what ingredients may or may not be good for them. Having products that have a good reputation, and known for being made with high quality ingredients means half the work is done for you!

8. Competition

Make sure you are familiar with other products on the market. Know the strengths and weaknesses of competing products so that when asked, you can explain to your client why your product is better.

Whether your retail display is large or small, browsing for products should be an experience! Keep your displays organized and clean. No one wants to buy a product that is dusty; not only is it visually unappealing, it also looks like no one else liked the product enough to buy it.

Make sure you only choose products you believe in, this will make selling them much easier. You will no longer feel like you’re selling anything – you’re just simply recommending products you know will be right for your client’s needs. Your recommendation will start building a trusting retail relationship with your clients, which will ultimately lead to further retail sales.

Lilliane Caron is Owner & Director of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Lilliane Caron for some advice on your own salon,email [email protected]

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Having been in the beauty industry for almost 40 years I have seen and heard about every possible waxing side effect you can imagine. Everyday people we have just met literally strip down to the nude and reveal to us personal experiences or side effects they have had from waxing (and often a whole lot more, but that’s a different story!).


‘Is this normal?’ ‘What’s gone wrong?’ ‘How do I fix it?’ I’m sure you can all relate to these questions and most of the time, the side effects they’re referring to are completely normal. In saying this, it’s much better for these questions and queries to arise before the client leaves the salon so that we can work together to eliminate them. I’m going to tell you how you and your clients can reduce the chances of nasty waxing side effects getting in the way of your waxing treatment to ensure your clients keep coming back.


A common and natural side effect of waxing is redness and inflammation. Now, to a degree there will always be some redness particularly with people with pale and sensitive skin. We are literally ripping the hairs out from the follicles; that’s always going to cause the skin to react in some way. However using a superior wax, with high quality ingredients is going to decrease the reactions and cause much less irritation to the skin. I can’t stress this enough; wax is not just wax. Cheap, inferior wax, made with poor quality products is the main cause of irritation.

Usually we are told “natural” is better but when it comes to pine (tree) resin in waxes, unrefined resins can cause allergic reactions and product instability. Top of the range synthetic resins are much safer, more consistent in production batch to batch and easier for the Therapist to work with. Synthetic resins are usually declared as hydrocarbon resin or polycyclopentadiene. High quality synthetic resins are easy to colour and fragrance and often appear fresh and clean. Pure white waxes can only be made from the best synthetic resins available. They provide the manufacturer with better quality control over the product and in turn give the Estheticians confidence in the treatment being performed.

Not only do you need to choose the right wax, you also need to choose the right pre and post products to go with your treatment. If you’re using a wax that requires pre-waxing oil, make sure you use one! This removes any traces of dirt, makeup, cream, body oil; you name it. Peppermint oil provides a refreshing cool feeling and acts as a soothing agent. It also improves the adherence of the wax to the skin meaning you won’t have to go over any areas more than once – another sure way of reducing irritation to the skin. In saying this, if you are using a superior gentle Hard Wax, no pre waxing oil is required at all!

When you have finished your waxing treatment use an After Waxing Soothing Lotion – I suggest our Body Icing in Tea Tree or Mango and Witch Hazel. These ingredients have soothing properties which calm and replenish the skin with vital nutrients. Not only does the After Waxing Lotion help with soothing the skin but it also helps prevent the formation of ingrown hairs and pustules. This brings me to some other common side effects of waxing. That’s right, those dreaded bumps!


Ingrown hairs and pimples are extremely common after waxing. Ingrown hair treatments are the perfect addition to any treatment as well as a great retail product for your salon. An ingrown hair product such as Bump eRaiser Concentrated Serum is best used after waxing as natural fruit acids soothe irritated skin and help prevent ingrown hairs from occurring. If your client has already existing ingrown hairs, I suggest recommending a targeted ingrown hair spot treatment such as Medi Paste. It is ideal for healing ingrown hairs quickly and can also be used on pimples as it rapidly draws out the infection. These products are easy to upsell with any waxing treatment. Don’t forget to encourage your clients to exfoliate daily too, every client you treat should walk out the door with an Exfoliating Mitt; after all, prevention is always better than a cure!

At the end of my treatment I always use Keep Calm and Waxxx Off. This is an After Waxing Oil that removes any wax residue. It contains Tea Tree Oil and also works an anti-bacterial. Unlike paraffin and vegetable based oils, it is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. Leaving a clean, smooth finish it also helps prevent ingrown hairs and bacteria from causing pustules and pimples.


We all know that waxing doesn’t tickle however there are ways to make it a less painful experience. Using an incorrect waxing technique can cause serious damage to a client’s skin including unnecessary pain and bruising. Get to know your wax. Invest in a good heater and get to know the perfect consistency of your chosen wax.

If you are treating an older client, be especially gentle as their skin can tear and bruise easily. Always remember to always ask if they have started taking any new medication before each wax. A lot can change in 4 weeks and medication can also play a factor in how a client’s skin will react to your treatment.

Another product to help ease discomfort as well as speed up your treatment is a Quick Dry Wax Mist like Jet Set! Jet Set not only sets your wax instantly but it also contains natural AHA which is known to reduce redness. It can also be used to spritz over your client to cool and add an ambience to your treatment during the warmer months.

As Estheticians, it is our job to do all we can to make a client’s waxing experience, including the treatment itself and the results afterwards as pleasant as possible. After all, if they suffer from severe side effects because we aren’t using the right products or technique – they definitely won’t be back! With a combination of having the correct technique, using the right products and offering the appropriate aftercare advice, we can minimise our clients’ side-effects and ensure our waxing treatments are a ‘waxxxperience’ they will want to repeat!

Lilliane Caron is Owner & Director of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Lilliane Caron for some advice on your own salon, email [email protected]

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By Waxxxpress Head Trainer, Holly Hayes

As a Beauty Therapist we come across many different perceptions on when it is ok to get a wax and when it is ‘definitely not ok’– especially when it comes to ‘the land down under.’ Some people tend to get a little uncomfortable discussing this area and seem to think it is on a completely different level to every other body part. They don’t understand that Beauty Therapists literally see hundreds of vaginas a year and to us, really if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all! There are so many myths floating around the about Brazilian waxing such as ‘you can’t get a wax while on your period’ or ‘a glass of wine before getting a wax will ease the pain.’ As a matter of fact alcohol actually tightens pores, which can lead to a more painful waxing experience! So many people have it all wrong when it comes to Brazilian waxing. I am going to bust this can of worms right open and share with you the most common myths surrounding downstairs waxing.

  1. You can’t go, when Aunt Flow is in town. The common theory that you can’t possibly get a wax when you have your period is completely untrue. Woman’s menstrual cycles are a part of life and whether we like it or not they will appear once a month for the majority of our lives. While this is certainly a myth, there is still a downside to having a wax while on your period, you are more sensitive, but this goes for every part of the body. I don’t advise coming in on your first day of menstruation, perhaps come towards the end. In saying this, let’s not forget there are 3 other weeks each month where you are completely free. So unless you really need it done, it’s best to make use of the time your Aunt Flow isn’t in town.
  2. Maybe if you trim it, it won’t hurt as much. Giving your lady parts a little hair cut before coming in for a Brazilian does not minimise pain. In fact, the more hair the better! The longer the hair the easier it is to grip and properly release from the root. As beauty therapists we don’t care how long anyone’s pubic hair is, it could be as long as Chubaka’s hair for all we care, it is our job to remove it. The Lilliane Caron Brazilian Waxing method does not revolve around the length of pubic hair and her number one rule is do not trim!!! I promise you it does not reduce the pain.
  3. I’m getting too old for this… There is no age limit in relation to having a Brazilian. I have waxed woman well into their 70’s and I say, good on them! Our clients should never be made to feel like the treatment they require is inappropriate or they are too old for anything. As a Beauty Therapist our job is to make people feel comfortable and confident no matter what age. When treating an older client we need to be especially gentle as their skin can tear and bruise easily. I would always try to use a hard wax on older clients as it is much easier on their skin. This also goes for woman who may be going through menopause. Woman’s hormones are constantly changing and especially as they get older. None of this means they have to stop waxing, it just means we have to be extremely delicate, while waxing their ‘delicates!’
  4. Hold it mister…no hanky-panky tonight. I am about to make every man’s dream come true. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the whole ‘you can’t have sex straight after getting a Brazilian’ is a myth! A lot of clients and therapists are under the impression that you need to wait at least 24 hours after a Brazilian before having sex, because the friction and perspiration might aggravate the skin or bacteria will get into the open follicles. As long as you are being waxed with a high quality product that is designed for sensitive areas and then shower after your cheeky rendezvous there is no reason you can’t celebrate your smooth new look with your loved one.
  5. I can manage childbirth, but I can’t manage a Brazilian. The idea that Brazilian waxing is too painful to bare is a common misconception by women who have never had a one. I have heard many women say they are ‘too scared’ or ‘couldn’t handle the pain.’ Um hello, that child you have attached to your hip would have hurt a hell of a lot more on their way out than having some hair removed – if you can handle child birth, a Brazilian is going to be a walk in the park! I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt at all, your most intimate hairs are being ripped from where the sun don’t shine, that doesn’t tickle… But with a confident therapist and the right technique Brazilian’s don’t have to be painful and are probably a solid 1.5 on the scale of 1 – childbirth.
  6. Brazilian’s – that’s a girl thing Brazilian waxing is in no way gender-specific. For a long time Brazilian’s have been seen as a female only treatment, but fellas, those days are gone! More than ever, men are reaping the benefits of waxing their private areas. Male grooming is increasing rapidly these days and the stigma behind men taking pride in the way they look has taken a real backseat. There is absolutely no shame at all in men wanting a smooth hair free undercarriage! So, there you have it, Brazilian Waxing Myths BUSTED! Of course all of these decisions are a personal choice by our clients and ultimately it comes down to whether they feel comfortable or not. A good therapist should always communicate with their clients and put them at ease. It doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, how old you are, whether you are male or female.

    Everyone can reap the benefits of a smooth confident Brazilian down under! Holly Hayes is Head Trainer of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Holly for some advice on your own salon, email [email protected]

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Here’s some handy hints to preserve the life of your Roller Wax Cartridge Heater, prevent issues including roller heads cracking, fixed heads falling off and reduce the risk of burns to yourself and your client.

Do you use cartridges in your salon


  • Never re-heat cartridges.
  • Never leave cartridges heating longer than necessary. Re-stock heater as required.
  • Never exceed 4.5 on the temperature dial.
  • Never attempt to refill cartridges.
  • Never attempt to remove cartridge heads & use with a spatula.
  • Never force a cartridge to roll. It should not drag on the skin.
  • Never leave heater on overnight.


  • Always use a new cartridge on a client. Cartridges are single use and should not be re-used.
  • Always ensure the cartridge head is firmly in place and not off-centre before use.
  • Always roll a new cartridge on to a wax strip before use on a client to ensure the wax is flowing through the cartridge head evenly. Roll cartridge with a light application and never force it.
  • Always wipe drips off the cartridge head in between applications with a wax strip and Waxxxpress Keep Calm & Waxxx Off After Waxing Oil.
  • Always keep working temperature consistently at 4.5 on the dial.
  • Use a timer to help ensure that the wax is at the right temperature when it’s required. Timer should automatically turn heater off at the end of the day.
  • Always wipe any wax residue off heater at the end of the day with Waxxxpress Clean & Glo Citrus Clean.

Adhering to these guidelines will:

  • Prevent cartridge roller heads from cracking
  • Prevent fixed roller heads from falling off
  • Preserve the life of your heater
  • Reduce the risk of burns to yourself and your client
  • Ensure your Heater is being used in the most energy efficient way

If you have a question or need some advice on your own salon, email [email protected]

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