Handy hints on how to choose your beauty salon wax

There is so much beauty salon wax to choose from out there, we feel your frustration at trying to find the wax that suits you perfectly. Here at Waxxxpress we want to make it super easy for you to meet your perfect match in wax. That’s why we range a total of eight types of wax (four strip waxes and four hot waxes), each with their own unique formula & personality.

All our waxes effectively remove unwanted hairs but if your clients have a specific skin or hair type, we have a wax formulated specifically to help. The following are some common hair & skin type concerns and the superior quality Hot and Strip Waxes you might fancy to combat these concerns!

Sensitive Skin
CocoNuts & Heat Me, Spread Me, Strip Me are the gentlest on sensitive skin. These creamy waxes have a synthetic, hypoallergenic formula which contains Titanium Dioxide to soothe skin and reduce excess redness. Ideal for use on delicate & intimate areas as the flexible formulas will not go brittle, ensuring a smooth removal of the wax each time. You need to be careful extra careful with sensitive skin as other brand waxes can cause bruising, excess redness, ingrown hairs and swelling because they are made with cheaper ingredients. Waxxxpress delivers a higher quality result, due to its higher quality formulations & ingredients.

Fine Hairs
CocoNuts & Heat Me, Spread Me, Strip Me get another recommendation for excellent removal of fine hairs. Our magic ingredient Titanium Dioxide not only cares for sensitive skin, but helps the wax cling to the finest of hairs. If you struggle to remove all your hairs, these waxes are the ones for you to try.

Skin Redness
Get Fresh &Oui Oui Baby will reduce excess redness on all skin types due to their creamy formulation made with the highest quality ingredients, including Titanium Dioxide. This ensures these waxes have flexible and non-brittle qualities that grip only to the hairs & not the skin for a gentle removal of unwanted hairs.

Short & Stubborn Hairs
Goldigger& That’s Beeswax have the strongest grip on short and stubborn hairs due to their natural formulation. Getting even those tricky ones as short as 1mm, if you find that the skin is still prickly after you have waxed, these are the ones for you to try for the smoothest skin after waxing. These waxes are best used on clients who are not prone to sensitive skin as there is a slight chance the natural ingredients could irritate delicate and mature skin.

Coarse Hairs
Ultra Violet & Lucky Wax will grab coarse hair with ease! Great all-round waxes for any part of the body, as their synthetic wax formulas mean they can be used for all skin types, including sensitive. These waxes are perfect for male waxing too, as their clear consistency spreads on thinly without going brittle.

If you would like to discuss your skin concern with a Waxxxpress Attendant, please email [email protected] with your name, contact details & a bit about your concerns. We will be happy to provide advice on which wax is best for you!