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Caronlab Australia had its beginnings over 35 years ago in the busy salon of Caronlab founder, Lilliane Caron. Working long hours, Lilliane became frustrated with the expensive, inferior, difficult to use waxes on the market; so she set about formulating her own range of hard and strip waxes.

Lilliane’s first range was an instant success, and soon led to the development of a whole host of leading waxes and accessories.

A pioneer of Brazilian waxing in Australia, Lilliane is often asked to demonstrate her renowned technique to students and salons the world over. And with the burgeoning trend for Brazilian waxing in the late nineties, Lilliane was inspired to create a XXX hard wax to meet the needs of beauty therapists, who she knew would be inundated with requests for Brazilians. So in the year 2000, following extensive research, Australia’s No 1 selling wax ‘Brilliance’ was launched.

It was an immediate hit and the envy of wax manufacturers’ world over, many of whom have tried, without success, to replicate Caronlab’s advanced formula.

With the advantage of Caronlab Australia’s wealth of knowledge and dedicated research and development, any Waxxxpress product you choose is simply the best in its class.

So you can deliver every treatment in confidence knowing that Waxxxpress products care for the health, comfort and well-being of your clients as they indulge in their salon treatment.

Formulated to Caronlab Australia’s highest standards and supported by its absolute dedication to therapist and client satisfaction, Waxxxpress will help make your salon a success.