Waxxxpress has a full range of superior hot waxes, and there’s one that meets every waxing need. What’s more, Waxxxpress 400g and 800g hot waxes are equipped with Express Heating Technology, so you can heat wax in the Microwave with an ETH (Estimated Time of Heating) less than 2 minutes, ready for your clients’ arrival!

Obtaining an outstanding result is so easy Waxxxpress waxes. Just follow a few simple rules to get the best from your Waxxxpress hot wax.

Remember to ensure that the hot wax is the consistency of honey, with a core of harder wax in the centre before you begin!

  1. Determine direction of hair growth
  2. Ensure you coat a generous amount of wax on the spatula (for larger areas) or small wooden spatula (for smaller areas) from the core section of the container whilst twirling at a steady slow clockwise pace.
  3. Spread a thick oval shaped layer of hot wax in the direction of hair growth and wait 15-20 seconds. When wax no longer sticks to the fingertips, it is ready to be removed. Do not allow wax to set hard.
  4. Ensure the skin is taught by holding the skin firmly with one hand. Hold on to the edge of the wax and quickly pull in the opposite direction of hair growth as close to the skin as possible.
  5. If hairs are not removed the first time, repeat procedure again.
  6. Remove wax residue with Keep Calm and Wax Off after waxing oil!


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CocoNuts – 400g, 800g & 500g Melts
Best for XXX waxing.
Coconuts creamy texture with exotic coconut and high-flex formula makes applying hot wax and completing a brazilian treatment simple! Gentle enough to use on the most delicate areas and mature skins, it is formulated with titanium dioxide to minimise post-wax redness.

Get Fresh – 400g, 800g & 500g Melts
Ideal for waxing delicate areas.
Freshen up your hot waxing experience with this invigorating mint aroma and gentle, creamy formula, with Titanium Dioxide to reduce post waxing redness. Get Fresh is best for waxing the face, underarms, bikini waxing and XXX treatments.

Gold Digger – 400g, 800g & 500g Melts
Best for total body waxing.
This shimmering, flexible and non-brittle formula spreads on thinly with superior grip to capture even the shortest and most stubborn hairs, making it ideal for male and female total body waxing.

Ultra Violet – 400g, 800g & 500g Melts
Best for removing stubborn hairs.
A new dimension in waxing this highly flexible, non-brittle formula remains consistent in all temperatures. With Azulene to soothe the skin, Ultra Violet ensures coarse, stubborn hairs disappear. Ideal for those who prefer a non creamy hot wax.