Wholesale Wax Supplies – Waxxxpress Range Overview

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Waxxxpress wholesale wax supplies are the perfect complement to your waxing treatments with Waxxxpress waxes. Offering everything you need before, during and after the treatment, your clients will leave the salon feeling soft, smooth, cleansed and invigorated!

Micro Defence Foam – Cleanse and protect
This dermatologically tested organic biocide is the perfect pre wax treatment, killing 99.9% common viruses, germs and bacteria. Organically derived, it has a kill rate of 99.99% on contact with a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses including Herpes Type 1 & 2 as well as Hepatitis A & B. Alcohol and fragrance free, Micro Defence Foam will clean and condition your client’s skin without irritation or dryness. There’s no need to rinse, as Micro Defence evaporates almost as soon as it has cleansed. A great product to recommend to clients for use at home or in the workplace! Available in 200ml.

On Your Marks Pre Wax Skin Cleanser – Get a firmer grip
On Your Marks is a cooling solution that gently removes traces of make-up, deodorant, cream and body oil to cleanse the skin prior to waxing and improve the adherence of the wax to the skin. Peppermint oil provides a refreshing cool feeling and acts as a soothing agent that will have your clients ready for action! Available in 250ml

Italians Do It Better – Strip off with the best
Made in Italy exclusively for Waxxxpress, Italians Do It Better Wax Strips deliver unrivalled results with a revolutionary composition combining the durability of a non-woven strip with the comfort of cotton calico. The result is a super absorbent, soft yet strong strip that sticks to wax immediately for fast and efficient results. These strips will not fray or tear and can be used on both sides, saving you time and money! Available in 50pk, 300pk and 100m Perforated Roll.

Keep Calm and Wax Off! – Lead skin to victory
This essential companion to the Waxxxpress waxing range Keep Calm and Wax Off! is a quality antiseptic lotion with Tea Tree Oil to condition the skin and remove wax residue, preventing in-grown hairs and bacteria from causing pustules and pimples.  Its dry oil formulation provides superior emolliency and quick absorption for a non-greasy feel.  Available in 250ml & 1ltr bottles.

Body Icing – Say goodbye to ingrown hairs!
This dual active formula removes wax residue as well as calming and soothing the skin to prevent ingrown hairs. Enriched in Vitamins A & E, this non-greasy treatment nourishes the skin and corrects daily damage, resulting in a smooth and revitalised appearance. Available in Tea Tree and Mango & Witch Hazel varieties in 250ml & 1ltr bottles.

Clean and Glow – your salon will sparkle like a disco ball!
Take the hard work out of cleaning wax pots, utensils and waxing equipment. Simply wipe on Clean and Glow, our concentrated and hard-working natural citrus product that removes sticky wax residue quickly and easily. Available in 250ml and 1l.