Student Starter Kit – Strip Wax (Heat Me Spread Me)

$100.00 Ex. Tax

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Student Starter Kit – HEAT ME SPREAD ME STRIP WAXXX – 28.2 OZ (800G)

Give your waxxxing a smooth take off. Whether you are a student or experienced waxer, this Waxxxing Starter Kit will introduce you to Waxxxpress’ best crème Hard Wax and our top accessories to elevate your waxing to the highest heights!


  • Heat Me Spread Me Strip Me Strip Waxxx – 28.2 oz (800g)
  • The Big Dipper Wax Heater – 28.2 oz (800g)
  • Italians Do It Better Strips 50pk
  • Keep Calm & Waxxx Off After Waxing Oil – 8.5 oz (250ml)
  • On Your Marks – 8.5 oz (200ml)
  • Clean & Glo Citrus Cleaner – 8.5 oz (250ml)
  • Middie Dip Sticks – 100pk

*Available while stocks last.

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