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Lilliane Caron discusses what happened to the art of waxing and those who have a passion for it.


It’s the season to be merry so what better time to reignite your passion for waxing. Get ready for an influx of old and new clients wanting to look great and have silky smooth skin for summer – all at the last minute!

Every day we hear salon owners asking the same questions; where can I find therapists who are happy to wax all day long? And why are so many therapists hesitant to master both the male and female Brazilian? These questions always seem to come up at the busiest times of year whilst you should be thinking about preparing salon and retail promotions, rosters, gift vouchers and your extended trading hours! Whilst not forgetting to update those client details, email addresses and posting to social media – just to add to your already busy workload!

With so many different decisions to be made and services to master within the beauty industry, it can be difficult to know what is important to focus on. Salon owners and therapists can often get side tracked by services that don’t generate much income for a salon. Waxing is the bread and butter service of any salon and as a therapist you should not only list this skill on your resume, you need to be sure you excel at it too.

There are a variety of benefits and amazing opportunities that come with being a skilled waxing therapist. Focussing on improving your skills will make you passionate about waxing and you will never lose clients when you’re a passionate and efficient waxer!

Many different types of people look to waxing as an affordable method of hair removal, so the work opportunities are endless for those who want to make waxing their full time profession. The truth is that the clientele for hair removal is not just limited to ‘twenty-something year old’ females anymore! Men now too are interested in the benefits of waxing, and why not, it is a great solution that is very effective.

Male waxing is a trend on the rise, and it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon. We have seen men feeling more and more comfortable with taking care of themselves and the way they look. Which means; the male Brazilian, XXX intimate waxing for men! It’s truly important as a therapist to master your male and female Brazilian waxing technique; otherwise you’ll be cutting out half of your potential profits! If you aren’t feeling one hundred percent confident with intimate waxing there are plenty of resources available to you for mastering this technique.

According to The Guild of Beauty Therapist’s 2017 Beauty Industry Survey, waxing and shaving combined still remains the most popular form of hair removal at 65% of participants. A small number of clients chose alternative methods such as, Intense Pulse Light Therapy (1.5%) Laser Hair Removal (2%) Sugaring (4%) and Threading (28.1%)

IPL and laser hair removal is not accessible to everyone (such as those with skin conditions, younger skin, and certain hair types) so waxing is the only alternative for a lot of the population.

Sugaring can be more painful and irritating for some people, more so than regular waxing. As Sugaring isn’t available everywhere it is still considered a niche hair removal treatment with limited availability.

Shaving remains the most convenient method however we have to remember that it isn’t always the cheapest or most effective option. You can cut yourself, which is a huge cause for concern, as cuts in the pubic area can leave people more vulnerable to infections such as STIs. Waxing really is the safest option as it may prevent repeated injuries since it removes the whole hair follicle and extends the period before the hair grows back.

On average, 15 wax treatments are carried out each week in the UK by over 36,500 salons. This adds up to 23.4 million per year!! Clients don’t wax for a special occasion either; 79% claim that they always like to be hair free, meaning that you can rely on wax appointments as repeat business for your salon. With those kinds of statistics it’s difficult to dispute that waxing is a thriving salon service and there is significant money to be made!

Top waxing services:
1. Eyebrow shape
2. Brazilian & Intimate XXX waxing (Male & Female)
3. Back Wax – Male
4. Chest Wax – Male
5. Full Leg Wax
6. Arm Wax (Half)


As you can imagine, the product used when waxing is just as important as the technique! Inconsistent wax makes the therapist’s job more difficult, especially when waxing sensitive, intimate or XXX areas.
Over 35% of therapists use the wax brand that they were taught with in school. Caronlab believe in supporting the future of waxing and we offer a range of training, product knowledge, waxing kits and workshops for school, teachers and students.

Inferior waxing companies continually change their wax formulations without letting the end user know, but when waxing with Caronlab products you can be certain they will help you to master your art! We are committed to salon innovation and are the preferred brand for both Beauty Therapists and their clients. Known for our superior products and the results they deliver Caronlab Australia is the only choice in professional hair removal products and accessories.


If you are serious about a career in beauty, waxing is definitely a must know treatment! And if you’d like to brush up on your skills or you need more confidence in intimate waxing, our courses are the best on the market. I have a very specific waxing method that is both unique and I have taught it to many around the world. It will give you the confidence you need to build on your waxing skills. Please contact our team of qualified trainers who can offer you one on one workshop or group training.

My first business (opened almost 40 years ago) is a salon called Smooth & Tan. Designed by a therapist for beauty therapists, my waxing rooms are built to make waxing more efficient for both the therapist and the client. Still running today, I invite you to come and visit my salon if you are in the Geelong area. Let my knowledge and passion for waxing help you!

Lilliane Caron is Owner & Director of Waxxxpress. If you’d like to ask Lilliane Caron for some advice on your own salon,email [email protected]

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